Rebuild Oases with Augmented Reality (ROAR) Campaign

Wear the power of Juxtopia® Imhotep Augmented Reality (AR) Goggles to rebuild your SMART community one resident at a time.

Problem:  Vacant and Abandoned homes negatively impact low-income communities with 14 million homes sitting empty in the United States (U.S.).  All across American, the following cities suffer from vacant an abandon homes:

baltimorenew orleansdetroitchicagolos angelesphilly

  • (add additional cities and their stats following the White house TechHire iniative)

Supporting detail:  Introducing Juxtopia® ROAR, a revolutionary new product that lets you access on-demand skilled experts in all construction trades while collaborating with community members to renovate vacant and abandon residences into Smart homes using augmented reality.

  • The Call-To-Action:  Vacant and abandon properties increase illegal drug trafficking and crime that consequently result in decreased property value for the entire community.  Put on  Juxtopia® Imhotep AR Goggles and ROAR your community building it better than ever before.